"Turns out that you shouldn’t use your edge browser to download Chrome because of potentially malicious links and...null," wrote Allen B.


Timothy W. writes, "On the surface, it seems that whomever sent this phishing email seemed to know I work in the wardrobe department of a major movie studio. I realized too late that it was just a typo."


"That big old green check is ...misleading, or was this a successful error? I'm in emotional limbo," wrote Lucy W.


David S. writes, "The genius of this is that it protects your accounts in two different ways. Not only does it block your cards from being skimmed(without needing batteries!), at its sale price of £495 it ensures that your bank account won't have any money in it to get stolen!"


"I don't remember signing up for the Classmates website in 1970, I didn't even get a computer until 1989, but if they say I did, sure I guess so!" Raymond L. wrote.


Andrea writes, "It's pretty cool that a certain well-known email app has started offering 'quick replies', but I'm not feeling it's fully baked yet."


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