"Sorry, but 4.2 billion Microsoft points sounds like 'all tricks' to me," writes Ergin S.


"Most paints are air-drying, but with this one, you apparently need to, um, assist with the air flow a bit," wrote Peter G. (Side Note: For fun, go ahead and google the item title.)


Dave P. writes, "Um, The US Supreme Court is patching Android within to decide Microsoft email privacy dispute!? Thanks Slashdot!"


"Why yes, it's the first time that I've seen this network at the workplace," wrote Wouter.


Adam L. writes, "And here I thought you only got to celebrate a trip around the sun only once per year. Neat!"


"You guys! My iPhone is DAMAGED! Thankfully there's an app on the Google Play store that can fix it!" I found this one.


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