Jakub writes, "I'm not sure restarting will make IE 'normal', but yeah, I guess it's worth a shot."


"What else can I say? Honest features are honest," wrote Matt H.


"This was the sign outside the speaker ready-room for the duration of American Mensa's 2018 Annual Gathering at the JW Marriott in Indianapolis," Dave A., "Of course, we weren't in control of the signs...or the fans...or the fan speeds."


"Well, Cisco made an attempt to personalize this email," wrote Pascal.


Dave A. wrote, "Skynet is coming (to the Chubby Squirrel Brewery, opened that very day), but we can do anything we want with it because there are no Term(s) of Use."


"Yeah, GMail, I agree, there's no way that number of fireworks all at once is safe," Ranuka wrote.


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