"Apparently this subscription service will stop at nothing to keep my business," writes Mike F.


"All I wanted was a Pepsi, I didn't plan on making first contact...," writes Tracy M..


Matt L. wrote, "NuGet gave me an opportunity to respond to the exception unknown by clicking the unlabeled button."


"Ok...so, now what am I supposed to do?," wrote Steve K.


Kevin W. writes, "I was trying to create an account on the IKEA website but I don't think they can make up their mind about password security."


"Whenever someone asks if we were justified in the multi-million dollar purchase of our new ERP software, I show them this," Tomasz wrote.


Mark Y. writes, "While working on a scholarship application, I was relieved to see that they covered my studies in Test and Test Major2!"


"Tiger Direct and Western Digital announce the advent of the variable sized hard drive," John writes.


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